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  • Discovery Kit

Discovery Kit

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IFÉ: This evocative citrus floral is a love story of tested relationships and is perfect for anyone searching for an empowering and relaxing vibe. IFÉ is a romantic blend of spicy bergamot and mineral notes, with responsibly sourced geranium, mojito, rose and cedar.

IBERE: If self-confidence, resilience, and freedom have a smell, this is it! Ibere begins with a blend of spicy grapefruit and bergamot that warms up to a bed of lavender, vetiver and amber into a bold woody-amber scent. Perfect for when you want to keep things medium to high key. 

3910: If outdoor adventures are your thing, you can't go wrong with 3910. had a smell, 3910 is it! You will love this lasting amber-gourmand signature that captures exotic warmth and party summer vibes. Perfect for game and fun nights out and blended with upcycled rose, responsibly sourced geranium, sandalwood, and oud.