A new point of view

Making scents accessible, affordable and experimental!

On a mission to create vegan and luxury scents that are good for the skin, your wallet, and the planet while also building a community that empowers our friends around efficacy.

Welcome to the Foope Fam!

Hi! Our names are Joy and Femi, and we are two friends turned lovers and now co-owners of FOOPE. When we set out to create FOOPE, we wanted to build a dedicated and unorthodox vegan and luxury scent brand for all gen-zers. A community where anyone who loves clean, vegan and fragrance lifestyles can afford, access and experiment scents and be inspired to be who they are, plus more. 

While we love fragrances so sooo much, we did not just wake up one morning with this idea. We got inspired by the challenges our nieces, nephews, and their friends had finding value-based scents that does not break the bank and brands that know their truth! For us, this was personal since we live our truth through our shared values about the planet, inclusive representation, authentic creation and self efficacy. And we would like to share that with all of you.

You can expect a fun, vegan and new experiential fragrance experience for all our creations, inspired by every day vibes and created by world leading perfumers. We thank you for taking the time to learn about our story, and we invite you to join us on our exciting journey. 

Foope Fragrances ingredients

Our Ingredients Commitment

Why we talk so much about ingredients

Our philosopy about ingredient is simple. We use safe ingredients in all our creations and are cruelty-free certified by Leaping Bunny. Rather than focus on trends, our creative directors and perfumers dream, study and experiment with all ingredients. This is one of our happy places in the fragrance creative process.

We also believe that radical product transparency, ethical sourcing, and using the finest ingredients are not competitive advantages. For us, they are our baseline and the right thing to do to build a sustainable future for everyone. Instead, we focus on authentic creations that are affordable, accessible, and experimental, and on building a community that empowers our friends around self-awareness and efficacy.


Meet our scent creators

Kamila & Romain